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CFD - Lab, Aero. Annex Building,
Below HSS Dept., Opp. Metallurgical Dept.
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076
Phone : (+91) 22 25764133
Email : info [at] fossee [dot] in



To connect with our various projects, mail us at:

FOSSContact id
Scilabcontact [at] scilab [dot] in
eSimcontact-esim [at] fossee [dot] in
OpenFOAMcontact-cfd [at] fossee [dot] in
OR Toolscontact-or [at] fossee [dot] in
Osdagcontact-osdag [at] fossee [dot] in
DWSIMcontact-dwsim [at] fossee [dot] in
Pythoninfo [at] fossee [dot] in
Rcontact-r [at] fossee [dot] in
OpenModelicacontact-om [at] fossee [dot] in
FOSSEE-Laptoplaptop [at] fossee [dot] in
Anuduinosrikant [at] fossee [dot] in
Sandhicontact-sandhi [at] fossee [dot] in
OpenPLCopenplc [at] fossee [dot] in
Scilab-Arduinoscilab-arduino [at] fossee [dot] in
SBHSrupakrokade [at] gmail [dot] com